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How to download Instagram videos on your smartphone

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People from across the world post thousands of videos and photos on Instagram and at times, people find some videos interesting and want to save it to view them in future on their smartphone. Well, if you are looking to download any video from an Instagram post or story then sadly, Instagram only allows users to save their own Stories which are recorded using the app itself.

However, there’s a workaround that extracts the video content from the particular Instagram post and saves it to the smartphone’s storage.

To do that, there are two ways — using online website tools and using third-party apps. Now, we understand that using a third-party app is not the best solution here due to the privacy concern, so in this how-to guide, we will refer to the web tools.

Now, there are several websites that allow users to download Instagram videos. You can simply Google them and use any of them you like.


Open the Instagram app


Scroll and look for any video post you want to download


Now, tap on the three vertical dots from the right corner of the post and choose Copy link option


Then, head to the website and paste the link and click the download button

Do note that the web tools only allow downloading videos from the accounts that are not private.

If you are willing to download any Instagram video downloading app on your smartphone then head to Play Store and download any app you want, and paste the post link to download.


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