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How to improve audio quality during call conferencing

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Most people across the world are stuck at home due to coronavirus spread and in this situation, video calling has become the new normal. People are now practising social distancing and using phones and video conferencing apps to communicate with each other. Even meetings are now being done via video conferencing tools and software such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet.

Well, there’s no denying that video quality plays an essential role during a call, but equally important is audio quality. So, if people are complaining about sound quality or continuously asking you to speak louder or complaining about background noise, then, there’s something wrong with your microphone and here are some tips that can help you overcome such problems in future.

The first and most crucial problem is loudness. This problem can be solved by using a headphone with a built-in microphone in it. Using an external microphone will also solve the problem.

If you are using a Windows laptop and want to use the built-in microphone, then you will have to adjust the microphone settings by heading to the Sound setting from the Control panel. Here you can boost the microphone intensity for better results. Also, some laptops offer enhancements options such as Noise suspension, Acoustic Echo, etc. Make sure to activate the Noise suspension option.

Another common issue is background noise. Well, the solution to this problem is by using an external microphone. Several OEMs also add a separate audio driver that allows users to adjust the background noise and focus on voice or enhanced voice recognition features.


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