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How to make video calls using smart displays

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If you own a smart display like Google Next Hub or Amazon Echo Show, then you must be aware of its features and usefulness. It allows users to watch daily updates, play music, watch YouTube videos, check news updates and others. However, an essential element is the ability to make hands-free video calls.

Both Google Next Hub and Amazon Alexa come with its own video calling solutions. Google has integrated its Duo app, while Amazon comes with in-built video calling features. In addition to this, Amazon Alexa also comes with Skype integration.

How to make video calls using Google Hub Nest

Duo calls are available on the following products: Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max


Download and install Google Home app on your smartphone


Open Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone


Select your Next Hub device from the list.


Head to setting from the top right corner


Look for Duo video calling option under More option


Follow on-screen instructions to enable duo calling


Now, use below commands to make and receive video calls.

Call someone

Say “Video call [contact]” or “Call [contact] on Duo

End call

Say “End the call” or “Hang up,” or tap End call.

Say “Mute call” or “Unmute call.”

Receiving calls

Say “Answer the call.”

Declining calls

Say “Decline the call.”

How to make video calls using Amazon Alexa

Before you can start making video or audio calls on your Echo Show device, you’ll need to set up the capability within the Alexa app itself.

  • Head to Communicate button or Message button from the bottom of the screen
  • Verify your phone number and grant the app necessary permissions to make the call
  • Now, you can make calls using Alexa app or Alexa Echo show by simply asking it to make a video call.

To make a video call using Amazon Echo Show, ask Alexa to call your contact and to answer a call say Alexa Answer.


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