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How to video-chat with up to 32 people on iPhone and iPad

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The coronavirus quarantine can get very depressing without the touch of your friends and family. In such a scenario, one great way to connect with them is through video calls. If you are an Apple user, you can do Group FaceTime video call through your iPhone/iPad and connect with upto 32 people at the same time.

Please note that for Group FaceTime video calling, Apple recommends an iPhone 6s or later models, iPad Pro or later, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4 with iOS 12.1. Those who have older iPhone/iPad/i-Touch models that support iOS 12.1 can join in the calls, but only through audio capability.

Now there are two ways you can do Group FaceTime video calling. The steps for the direct way are given ahead.

Go to Settings on your device

Turn on FaceTime and open it

Tap the ‘+’ at the top right of the window

Add the people you want to join in the group call

Tap Audio/Video to make the call

Once the call starts, you can slide up the menu pane for more options that let you add more people to the call, turn off your camera etc.

The second way is using iMessages. So, you can also start a Group FaceTime call from within an iMessage. Here’s how you can do it:

Open the message you’d like to start the video call from

Tap the contacts at the top

Tap FaceTime


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